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ZZ Top - Loaded

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Lead vocals sung by Dusty Hill! The lyrics are about Bill Paxton,
  according to Billy.
  Gonna have a good time
  Gonna have a good, good time
  Don't you know that I wanna get loaded
  Brighter than my butane
  I said lit
  Hotter than my low-down thing
  Take me inside-out, 'til I'm gone insane
  Well, oh yeah, shellac
  Loaded, loaded, locomotive
  Loaded, loaded, disembodied
  Let's fry
  Like a Paxton blower
  Like a Paxton twist
  Black Cadillac
  Tankin', skankin' with the rank-n-file
  Load me up
  Gettin' it good for a little while
  Don't you know that I wanna get loaded
  Yeah, put me up
  Loaded, loaded, locomotive
  Loaded, loaded, don't you just know it
  Harpoon, loaded, well
  Like Bridgette Bardot
  Like a French high-roller

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