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Zuba - Where Were You

Tekst piosenki:

1) Johnny was a man from a good town south of omaha
  He lived his dreams and raised a family
  But he could not see the way you see, all the people and the freaks
  Were on the empty pages in his mind
  2) Johnnys daddy died in the big war
  They never found his body to this day
  It was on that beach in Normandy, Johnny hoped he'd never see
  His daddy washed away to an early grave
  Chorus -
  Where were you then
  I'm on that street again
  Wishing I could fly away forever
  3) Johnnys' daughter hates her life in this goddamn town
  She runs away forever to be free
  But the city eats her sanity, she winds up livin' on the streets
  Wishing she could be home by the fire
  4) Johnny died late one night in his empty bed
  A lonley man with no one by his side
  It was there he slipped into his dreams, with all the people and the freaks
  right there by his side no longer alone
  Chorus 2x

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