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Zuba - Speed Queen

Tekst piosenki:

1) I like green grass and I like pontiacs
  I like cheap clothes and boys that'll never know
  When the wind blows, I smell El Porto
  So I keep cigarettes, down in my panty hose
  and I roll like thunder
  2) Ive got a fairlane, I drive with my dog flame
  Hes got a red scarf and we sell cocaine
  I smoke mistys, and I got red knees
  I sweat hair gel, when I do the hard sell
  and we roll like thunder
  Chorus -
  Speed queen
  Speed queen
  3) I like young things and I like cheap flings
  Flame likes pinball so we hang at the shopping mall
  I run red lights, stay out all night
  So when I get busted, remember who you trusted
  and that we rolled like thunder
  Chorus -
  Speed queen
  Speed queen
  Speed queen
  Speed queen

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