Zuba - Move

Tekst piosenki:

1) Move, and you will find
  Your blood flows, as thick as mine
  Its so sad, the way we do the things we do
  Makes me mad, knowin the things I done to you
  2) Time and temptation, can really run you down
  And all these frustrations, pushing me underground
  So if I mind my heart in your presence, will I be free
  And if I do the things you say, will you take all of me
  Chorus -
  It drives me crazy cause you've got too much to ignore
  And I cant see myself on the outside looking in
  We've all got troubles yes I know
  But if we struggle we can grow
  Find myself in your eyes standing in the glow
  3) Standing in your shadow, or lying in the shade of your arms
  Masking my expression, another way to not be harmed
  Yesterday is fallen, todays on another line
  Your running in circles, and I am out of time

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