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Zuba - Floating Away

Tekst piosenki:

1) I'm looking for something
  Maybe for the answers for all the changes in my life
  Searching for a feeling
  And im trying to ride out the storms of my life
  Chorus -
  Love and soul, floating away
  Time, be a friend to me...help me through this day
  2) Waking alone and empty
  But some would say I wished it on myself
  Memories and illusions
  This house is now free of your things and your smell
  Chorus -
  Friends with love, floating away
  I really want to be a friend to you...to help you through this day
  Bridge -
  I can feel the sun
  blinding you with reality
  The earth and stars in infinite sky sweeping us away
  I can see it in your eyes
  3) In my dream you were flying
  In a capsule that was hurtling you through space
  I kept trying to stop it
  In the speed of the ship was a shadow of your face
  Chorus -
  Love and soul, doesnt have to float away
  In time we'll be friends you'll see, i'm living day to day

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