Teksty piosenek / Z / Ziggy Marley

  African herbsman

  All i need

  All love

  All you got

  A who a say

  Bad boys

  Beautiful day

  Beautiful mother nature

  Black my story

  Born to be lively

  Brothely sisterly love

  Brothers and sisters


  Conscious party

  Day by day

  Diamond city

  Don't go nowhere



  Dreams of home

  Everyone wants to be

  Fallen is babylon

  First night

  Five days a year

  Free like we want 2 be




  Give a little love

  Gone away

  Good old days


  Hand to mouth

  Have you ever ben to hell

  Head top

  Herba an spices

  Higher vibration

  High tide or low tide

  I get out

  In the flow

  I remember

  Jah bless

  Jah is true and perfect

  Joy and blues


  Keep my faith

  Keep on


  Lee and Molly

  Let it go

  Let jah will be done

  Live it up

  Long winter


  Look who's dancing

  Love is the only law


  Many waters

  Melancholy mood


  Never deny you

  New love

  New time & age


  One bright day

  One good spliff

  Pains of life

  People get ready

  Play the game right


  Power to move ya


  Problems with my woman

  Rainbow in the sky

  Raw ridim

  Rebel in disguise


  Shalom salaam

  Small people

  So good so right


  There she goes

  This one

  Tipsy dazy


  Tomorrow people

  True to myself

  Tumblin down

  Urb-an music

  Water and oil

  We a guh some weh

  We are one

  We propose

  What conquers defeat

  What's true

  When lights gone out

  Who will be there

  World so corrupt

  Wrong right wrong

  You got my love

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki