Teksty piosenek / Y / Youth Brigade


  Alive By Machine

  All song from the original version of "Sound & Fur

  All Style No Substance

  Believe In Something

  Better Without You

  Blown Away

  Boys In The Brigade

  Break Down

  Brigade Song



  Did You Wanna Die

  Duke Of Earl

  Fight To Unite

  Fight To Unite


  Full Force

  Guns Are For.....

  How Can We Live Like This

  I Hate My Life

  Its Not Enough

  It's Not My Fault

  I Won't Die For You

  Jump Back

  Let Me Be

  Live Life

  Look In The Mirror

  Men In Blue (Part 1)

  Modest Proposal

  My Bartender

  Not Gonna Take It

  On The Edge

  On The Edge

  Punk Rock Mom



  Sink With California

  Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In!

  Sound And Fury

  Sound & Fury

  Street Dominator

  The Circle

  The Circle

  The Last Day Of The Year.(El Ultimo Dia Del Ano)





  We're In!

  What Are You Fighting For

  What Price Happiness?

  What Will The Revolution Change

  Where Are We Going?

  Who Can You Believe In?

  You Don't Understand

  You Don't Understand

  [Hidden Track]

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