Teksty piosenek / Y / Yo La Tengo



  Attack on love

  Autumn sweater

  A worrying thing

  Barnaby, hardly working

  Big day coming

  Bitter end

  Blue line swinger

  Center of gravity



  Deeper into movies

  Don't say a word

  Double dare

  Drug test

  Evil that men do

  False alarm

  Flying lesson

  From a motel 6

  Hanky panky nohow

  Little honda

  Moby octopad

  My heart's reflection

  My little corner of the world

  Nowhere near

  One pm again

  Orange song

  Pablo and Andrea

  Paul is dead


  Stockholm syndrome

  Sudden organ


  The ballad of red buckets

  The hour grows late

  The lie and how we told it

  The whole of the law

  Tom Courtenay

  We're an american band

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