Teksty piosenek / Y / Yngwie Malmsteen

  All I Want Is Everything

  Alone In Paradise

  Anguish And Fear

  Another Time


  As Above So Below

  Bad Blood

  Bad reputation

  Bedroom Eyes

  Black sheep of the family


  Carry On Wayward Son

  Catch 22

  Caught In The Middle

  C'est La Vie

  Child In Time

  Cross The Line


  Cry No More

  Crystal Ball

  Dark Ages

  Deamon Dance

  Deja Vu

  Demon Driver

  Demon's Eye


  Devil In Disguise

  Disciples Of Hell

  Don't Let It End

  Don't Make Me Live Without You



  Dreaming (Tell Me)

  End Of My Rope


  Facing The Animal

  Faster Than The Speed Of Light


  Final Curtain


  Fire And Ice

  Fire In The Sky

  Forever Is A Long Time

  Forever One


  Gates Of Babylon


  Hangar 18, Area 51

  Heathens From The North

  Heaven Tonight

  Hold On

  How Many Miles To Babylon

  I Am A Viking

  I'd Die Without You

  I Don't Know

  I'll See The Light Tonight

  I'm My Own Enemy

  In The Dead Of Night


  Legion Of The Damned



  Like An Angel

  Magic Mirror

  Making Love

  Manic depression


  Meant To Be

  Miracle of life


  Motherless Child

  My Resurrection

  Never Die

  No Love Lost

  No Mercy

  Now Is The Time

  Now Your Ships Are Burned

  Only The Strong

  On The Run Again

  Part Of Me

  Picture Of Home

  Playing With Fire

  Poison In Your Veins

  Prisoner Of Your Love

  Prophet of doom

  Pyramid Of Cheops

  Queen In Love

  Riot In The Dungeons

  Rising Force


  Save Our Love

  See You In Hell

  Seventh sign

  Soldier Without Faith



  The Only One

  The Sails Of Charon

  The Seventh Sign

  The Stand

  The wizard

  Time WIll Tell

  Tomorrow's Gone



  Voodoo Nights

  War to end all wars

  What Do You Want

  When I Die

  Wield My Sword

  Wild one

  You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget

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