Almost Like Love

  And You And I

  Big Generator

  Big Girl


  Boy Next Door

  Brother Of Mine

  Cans and Brahms



  City Of Love

  Close To The Edge

  Does It Really Happen?

  Final Eyes

  Fist Of Fire

  Five Per Cent for Nothing

  Fortune seller

  From the balcony

  Heart of the Sunrise


  Hold On

  Holy Lamb

  I Do

  i'm looking forward to joining you ,finally

  I'm Running

  Into The Lens (a.k.a. I Am A Camera)

  It Can Happen

  Leave It

  Let's Pretend

  Long Distance Runaround

  Love shine

  Love Will Find A Way

  Machine Messiah

  Man in the moon


  Mood for a Day

  No way we can lose

  Open your eyes

  Order Of The Universe

  Our Song

  Owner Of A Lonely Heart



  Run Through The Light

  Shoot High Aim Low

  Siberian Khatru

  Somehow someday


  South Side of the Sky


  Tempus Fugit

  The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)

  The Meeting


  The Solution

  Universal Garden

  We Have Heaven

  White Car


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