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Yellowstone And Voice - You brighten up my life

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[1st Verse:]
   Hopin' 4 the sun - One rainy day
   Wishin' that the rain - Would go away
   So many tears - Pouring - Down on me
   U wrapped your arms - Around me
   U engages - Me in - The dance
   [2nd Verse:]
   Hopin' 4 this luv - 2 come - My way
   Lonely was the price - I had 2 pay
   I stood all alone - And waited
   4 my prince - 2 make his lady
   And U gave - This luv - A chance
   I haven't seen the rain or cloudy skies - Since I found U
   I haven't seen a tear fall from my eye - Since I found U
   I'm never home alone at night - Since I found U
   I hope U never leave my side --- U Brighten up my life
   [3rd Verse:]
   I've waited 4 so long - 4 someone like U
   And finally my dreams - Are coming true
   We have the chance - Let's take it
   And if we only try - We can make it
   In this fairytale romance
   Neva - Neva - See the rain outside
   Neva - Neva - See a tear in my eye
   Neva - Neva - Home alone at night

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