Yellowstone And Voice - Crying game

Tekst piosenki:

I think that I have played this game before
   It's been a little while
   So I'm no that sure
   Maybe they changed the box a bit
   Put a few more pieces inside of it
   The names have changed to ones
   I'm not familiar with
   But I know it's the same game
   Although the faces change
   It must be 'cause it plays the same
   First up and down and then the bag
   This is the one because I recognize the pain
   At the end
   I don't win again
   Crying game who wants to play
   When all there are
   Are losers
   And if you choose it
   You'll always lose it
   The crying game
   Who wants to play
   The crying game
   When all there are
   Are losers
   Glimpse of the sun
   Eternal rain
   The crying game
   All it brings it pain
   [Verse 2:]
   Thought I would have learned my lesson then
   Back when I was young and we were more like friends
   Though my heart still felt the pain from then
   Sure enough I let you back again
   Will I allow myself to let this cycle end
   And I have no one to blame
   I guess cupid lost his aim
   Must have hit me in my let again
   My knees get weak and I begin
   To persuade myself to be the one to love again
   I can't bare
   That you don't care anymore
   Free me from all of my dark despair
   Grant me 3 wishes so that I can be anywhere but here
   Storms of life evacuate my heart
   Because the lessons you teach with the people I meet
   Are tearing me apart

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