Teksty piosenek / X / Xzibit

  25 To life

  3 Card Molly


  Arch angels

  At The Speed Of Life

  Been a Long Time

  Best of Things

  Big bang theory

  Big business

  Bird's Eye View

  BK To LA

  Break Yourself

  Cali kings

  Carry The Weight

  Chamber Music

  Choke me, spank me

  Choke Me, Spank Me (Pull My Hair)




  Defari Herut


  D.N.A (Drugs-N-Alkahol)

  Don't Approach Me

  Don't Let The Money Make You

  Double Time

  E lucean le stelle


  Enemies & Friends

  Eyes May Shine

  FN you right



  Freestyle ghetto

  Front 2 Back

  Fuckin' You Right

  Fuckin you right

  Game face

  Get Your Walk On

  Handle your business



  Heart Of Man

  Hey now

  Hit & run

  Hit & Run (Part II)

  In my face

  Inside Job

  Jermaine dupri diss

  Just Maintain

  Kenny Parker Show 2001

  Let it Rain

  Los Angeles Times

  Losin' Your Mind

  Losin your mind

  Loud & Clear

  Missin' U

  Missin u


  My Life, My World

  My Name

  Nobody Sound Like Me


  Plastic Surgery

  Positively Negative

  Pussy Pop

  Recycled Assassins

  Release Date

  Right On

  Rimz & Tirez


  Sorry I'm Away So Much

  Symphony In X Major

  The Gambler

  The gambler

  The mad in the game

  Three emcees

  Trunk shit

  U Know

  What A Mess

  What U See is What U Get


  Year 2000


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