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X-Raided - Use yo nina

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[Verse 1]
   When you hop out your car you need to grab yo nine milameter
   To drop some hot bunts
   Hollow point your pusley poppin drop one
   I dont got them blanks I got them hollow bullet tips
   To have your brain hangin out when a nine milameter kicks
   A killa type nigga need to strap the blast so quik you know
   The kinda strap that hits you when you wearin you different show
   I dont need no terminator huntin me like Sarah Connors
   So when its time to ride I load up the nine and do the honors
   Im killin all substitues we aint in the same game
   I use that nina you call it nine but its the same thing
   I aint no cat so nine lives I dont got
   But I got my homies them four niggas from the G-block
   And when they come they aint gonna bring no duece duece
   Four nine milameter packin mother-fuckas yellin shoot
   Sombody gonna be slippin, shot shittin in his draws
   If he dead he dead it aint my buisness fool its yours
   I just tell em' mista lovin the main orjon
   Dont be cryin now nigga be slick tryin to mob
   You wasnt cryin when you shot me with your duece duece
   I didnt die so know its time to pay the pipa-poo
   Its a personal vandetta, yah I gotta grudge
   We home court the streets and im the motha-fuckin judge
   Im gonna was your ass like downy
   I sentance you to jail with no bail be hells the motha-fuckin county Nigga
   To the homies from the hood
   Better use yo nina cause your deuce deuce aint no good
   Little Ba-a-te Little Ba-a-te-a-te (Hey)
   Listen to my nine milameter go BANG!
   [Verse 2]
   They call me X-Raided Loc and you better remeber this
   Im married to my gage but my nine is my main bitch
   I keep it with me twenty-four seven aroung the fuckin clock
   I love my nine my nigga I put that on the block
   But i dont like them glocks cause they gain nothin but plastic
   And its nothin in your hand everytime you blast it
   One day its gonna jam up and blow up in your face
   Then that nigga just shootin and its nice to get away
   So let me take it from the L-O-C straight killa
   If you out to do some dirty pack a nina nine-mila
   Casue aint no second in this game we call life
   Sac-town city south side nothing nice
   In October Halloween just past
   Fools kickin down doors wearin X-man masks
   Aint a trick-or-treat so what the fuck you gonna do
   Only strap in the house is a duece duece
   You made that same movement shot him in his chest
   Your lil' pea shooter couldnt fuck with his vest
   The nigga shot you back you damn there died
   Fell to the ground tears commin to your eyes
   With a hot sensation burnin in your stomach
   Layin on your back chokin bomb
   Let them niggas took your safe,scratch,money,and all your jewels
   All of your dope and your lil' ass twenty-two
   To the niggas from the hood
   Better use your nina cause that duece duece aint not good
   Litte Ba-a-te Little Ba-a-te-a-te (Hey)
   Listen to my nine milameter go BANG!
   [Verse 3]
   I got to have a nina cause in the ninties fools be stressin
   It could be a code tops or rugger n' smith n' wessin
   As long as its a nine elevan holdin sixteen in the clip we cool
   But if you pack in it anything less you slippin fool
   Cause when you rip with penny you rip with path
   So you gotsta have to artilary to take a motha-fucka down
   But dont get me wrong though it aint gotta ne a nine that u select (No)
   A fourty-four will put your ass through the back door
   On the channel three ten o'clock news
   Check for tha-a-that when I get like that
   My tech be sprayin up a niggas sac
   My tech could be a nine to
   Or I could go oldschool on you motha-fuckas with a nine oozy
   You know I cant be choosy with my chrome
   Cause when we fuckin on blast with the first thing I get my hands on
   And that could be one of them lil' 0-two shot dilingers
   Cock it back and blast, put two little holes in a nigga
   Better give me time to settle dizown
   Go and the homies to come back with some of that shit
   Thats know for tearin up you tizown
   Spray the hood up to get ghosts like beetlejuice
   And I didnt use no twenty-two
   The the homies from the hood
   Better use your nina cause that duece duece aint not good
   Litte Ba-a-te Little Ba-a-te-a-te (Hey)
   Listen to my nine milameter go BANG!
   Litte Ba-a-te Little Ba-a-te-a-te (Hey)
   Listen to my nine my nine milameter go BANG BANG BANG!
   Little ba-a-te Little ba-a-te-te-a-te (Hey)
   Listen to my nine milameter BANG BANG BANG BANG!

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