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X-Raided - I got yo back

Tekst piosenki:

   If you wanna get high, nigga I got a sack
   If you wanna ride, my nigga I got a strap
   Do or die for my true thug niggas, and that's a fact
   You and I got that true love, nigga I got yo back
   Don't nobody got your back, when you need ‘em most
   I'm yellin' where the love at? But you don't hear me loc
   Sometimes I think I'm goin' down, I need a life preserver
   But you throw me bricks, tryna help me drown
   But I survived, what other options do I have?
   Can't blame it on my Mom, can't blame it on my Dad
   I make my own decisions, I chose the path that I walk
   But me and my father never had that "man to man" talk
   But there ain't no need for me to hate him
   He did me a favour when he caught my mama ovulatin'
   He brought me in the world, and the rest is up to me
   So I'm a, do what I gotta and be all that I can be
   Now I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a judge
   But it wasn't meant to be so now I got a grudge
   I was ...(?) for persistence when I asked for persistence
   You kept me at a distance, so fuck all you bitches
   I don't need none of y'all, I'm a do it on my own
   And when I'm ballin', I'm a floss in front of all y'all non-believers
   You thought I couldn't win
   But to my homies, my lovers, and my friends
   I got ya back
   [Chorus] x2
   When everybody got they noses up in the air
   I'll be there for you, lettin' you know your nigga cares
   I ain't got much to offer but you welcome to what I have
   Down to ride witcha, even when the homies mad
   I be down witcha; winter, spring, summer, fall
   I'm ready to ride every time that my homie calls
   I never stall on ya dawg, through it all, thick or thin
   We went from boys to men in the same hood
   So it's all good, even when you actin' bitchmade
   It's still on, I'm a ride when you right or wrong
   Standin' strong, no matter what the situation in
   And if you die, will provide for your wife and kids
   That way you live, forever
   However, a nigga's never gonna let ‘cha rest in peace till we back together
   Fuck restin' in peace, I'm in an up roar
   What other reason does a nigga have to live for?
   If you ain't ready to ride for what we believe
   Then get the fuck out the game, it's time for you to leave
   Cuz only niggas is willin' to put it all on the line
   And ride with us when it's killin' time
   I got yo back loc
   [Chorus] x2
   X-Raided mad at the world, ready to go to war
   So tell me what y'all mothafuckas waitin' for?
   Put on your boots, and lace ‘em up
   Dawg, tell me which tree you wanna chase ‘em up
   It's an organized congregation, committee of the wicked
   If you ain't ready to ride, then nigga you can't kick it
   So get the fuck up out the set, you high powered coward
   Before your bitch ass get devoured
   At any given hour my soldiers is bound to loc up
   The warriors gonna ride, and all you bitches gon' choke up
   But that's the only way to separate the real from the fake
   Don't ask me why, bitch a bitch ...(?)
   That Northern Cali kill ‘em all mentality
   It ain't my fault, blame it on the criminality
   I'm out to make the paper stack
   And when my homie calls, hell yeah it's a conspiracy
   I got his back
   [Chorus] x3

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