Teksty piosenek / X / X-Raided

  Cemetary fulla g's

  Consider me dead

  Deadly game

  Dead on arrival part 1

  Deuce-5 To Life

  Deuce 5 to life

  Everybody Killa


  He shall appear

  Hold on

  I got yo back


  Kick it 2 nite

  Kick it tonight

  Land of the lost

  Liquor, niggas and triggas

  Lord have mercy


  Mama's pride and joy


  Money, power, respect

  Mortal kombat

  Most wanted

  Never loved

  Only in the studio

  Psycho active


  Sac a indo

  Shoot Cha In A Minute

  Spitten venom

  Still Shootin

  Take flight


  The hole


  Use yo nina

  Whatever it took

  White man's burden

  Who but me

  Who is y'all niggas

  Wit'a mask on


  Write what i see

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