Adult Books

  Around My Heart

  Back 2 The Base

  Because I Do

  Beyond And Back

  Blue Spark


  Burning House Of Love

  Come Back To Me

  Crucify my love

  Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

  Devil Doll

  Drunk In My Past

  Forever love

  Hot House

  How I (Learned My Lesson)

  I'll Stand Up For You

  I'm Coming Over

  I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

  In This House That I Call Home

  I See Red

  It's Who You Know

  Johny Hit And Run Paulene

  Little Honey

  Los Angeles

  Love Shack

  Make The Music Go Bang

  Motel Room In My Bed

  My Goodness

  My Soul Cries Your Name


  Painting The Town Blue

  Poor Girl

  Real Child Of Hell

  Riding With Mary

  See How We Are

  Sex And Dying In High Society

  Some Other Time

  Soul Kitchen



  The Have Nots

  The Hungry Wolf

  The New World

  The Once Over Twice

  The Unheard Music

  The World's A Mess It's In My Kiss

  True Love

  True Love Part 2

  Under The Big Black Sun

  Universal Corner

  Watch The Sun Go Down

  We're Desperate

  We're Having Much More Fun

  What's Wrong With Me?

  When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch

  White Girl

  Year One

  Your Phone's Off The Hook

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