Teksty piosenek / W / Woody Guthrie

  Babe o'mine

  Belle star

  Blowing down this old dusty road

  Boomtown Bill


  Do re mi

  Dust bowl blues

  Dust bowl refugee

  Dust can't kill me

  Dust pneumonia blues

  Dusty old road

  I ain't got no home

  I just want to sing your name

  Jesse James

  Joe Hillstrom

  Lay down little doggies

  Oklahoma hills

  Old judge thayer

  Philadelphia lawyer

  Pretty boy floyd

  Red wine

  Root hog and die

  Suassos Lane

  Talking dust bowl

  The dying doctor

  The farmer labor train

  The flood and the storm

  The great dust storm

  This land is our land

  Tom Joad

  Two good men

  Vanzetti's letter

  Vanzetti's rock

  Vigilante man

  We welcome to heaven

  You souls of Boston

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