Teksty piosenek / W / Wolfsheim

  A broken whisper

  A look into your heart

  A million lovesongs

  A million miles

  And i

  A new starsystem has been explored


  Anybody's window


  Approaching lightspeed

  Auf ein wort


  Can manage

  Care for you

  Childhood cruel

  Closer still



  Everyone who casts a shadow


  Find you're gone

  Find you're here

  For you

  For you i'm bleeding


  Heroin, she said

  I don't love you anymore


  It's hurting for the first time

  It's not too late

  I won't believe


  Kein zuruck

  Kissing the wall

  Kunstliche welten

  Leading men

  Leave no deed undone

  Love is strange


  Now i fall

  Old man's valley

  Once in a lifetime

  Read this lines



  Scars remain

  Sleep somehow

  Tender days

  The sparrows and the nightingales

  This is for love

  This time



  Ubers jahr

  Underneath the veil


  Where greed talks


  Youth and greed

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki