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Wizard - True metal

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Why do you ask us if we were false or true
   Can't you just shut your fucking mouth
   Why do you look at us like we were shit
   Are you just envious
   We just want to live our life
   We don't care what you say
   We play more metal than the most people can take
   Bad reviews and fat ass critics we don't care
   We play metal for all metal heads
   And not for rotten poser rats
   True metal the sound of our hearts
   We will never be apart
   The sense of our lives
   Deceivers our victory is your doom
   Don't try to stop 'cause we are too strong
   The wall on which you'll be crushed
   The day we meet you will never forget
   Your untrue poser rats
   We are not born to serve
   We are born to rule
   We play metal loud and proud
   Smashing enemies to the ground
   Born to play the metal sound
   By true metal we are bound
   We don't care what you say
   Hear what we play

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