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Wizard - The liberation

Tekst piosenki:

The hero rides through the silent night
   The sky is black like hell
   Out of howling of some wolves
   and the noise of his horse is nothing he can hear
   He is on his way to the kingdom of devil
   His aim is to take his mistress out
   Armed with bow armed with sword
   he rides to set his mistress free
   Through swamps and bush he must hide forward
   The devils adherent try to stop him
   But his sword shelters him
   and the gods stand by him
   Full of hate and pain in his heartHis body studded with scars
   Remembers a love time with his mistress
   He swears a vow vengeance against the ugly demon
   Arrived the devil waited for him
   He fought with all his power
   Hit the devil with his sword
   And set his mistress free
   The dark world turned into a paradise of flowers

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