Teksty piosenek / W / Wizard / Our hate will burn you

Wizard - Our hate will burn you

Tekst piosenki:

When we play our metal
   loosers come out of their holes
   They're telling shit about us four
   But we don't care
   Than we turn back to our amps
   and burn them up to hell
   to the brains of our enemies
   give up their rotting lifes
   No one can stop our battle of metal
   Out of our way or you feel our steel
   Our hate will burn you
   Feel the power of our hearts
   Riding lightnings in the dark
   The day will come
   when we piss in your face
   Whenever liars and betrayers cross our way
   They wonna fall us in the back to kick our ass
   But before they can see we are turning around
   And we take our weapons and smash them to the ground

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