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Wizard - Lost souls

Tekst piosenki:

Fire of black demons lightnings in the dark
   Whispers of creeping shadows evil never dies
   Storms of darkness are on their way
   To catch your soul and bring it to hell
   Streets of the undead cross
   The streets of the living
   Death and destruction is all they are giving
   Hordes of evil on their march of pain
   Let the fire of destruction rain
   Burning heat will reach you
   kneel down for the lord
   He will laugh and torture you
   Lost souls on their way on the river
   of deat h they sail
   Lost souls in hell on their aim is torture and pain
   Eternal torture is the price for all the
   things you've done
   The brain and heart is screaming
   There is no way to run
   Look in your hellfire pain waits for you
   Hear the laughing of demons you must be their guest

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