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Wizard - Head of the deceiver

Tekst piosenki:

Don't trust anyone
   Never show your blade
   You don't know who is false or true
   'Cos dirty rats are lurking everywhere
   The true ones you will see
   Standing beside you
   In the loneliness of the battle
   Protecting and saving your life
   You are the scum of this world
   You are the dust of the street
   You are the dirt under our nails
   And we let it roll
   The heads of you deceivers
   (The axeman is now ready)
   For the heads of the deceivers
   In the end
   The glor y will be ours
   Proud of having lived the truth
   Proud of having had no fear
   After the valkyries
   Brought you to valhalla
   The true ones stand beside you
   The false ones pierced on their spears

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