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Wizard - Dragon lords

Tekst piosenki:

Blackeyed giants with a skin of leather
   With wings of steel and crawls of stone
   Mighty black kinks high in the sky they fly
   They have no weapons to win the fight
   They're spitting fire burning so hot
   Like the heat in hell fighting those
   who betrayed them fighting for the law
   Dragon lords high in the sky they fly
   Dragon lords a fire in the night
   Dragon lords defenders of the truth
   Fighting for the metal law
   Watchers of the universe warriors of the night
   chosen by the gods to win the fight
   In the last battle the battle of metal
   they lead the thunderwarriors to the light
   See their army
   The legion of doom war is coming soon
   Run for your life metal is coming
   Bound by thunder and fire
   Like one man we stand against this high society
   We laugh about their lies and their false morality
   The war for our way of life is our aim here tonight
   We burn those down who stand against us
   and blow their dust with our metal storm

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