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Wizard - Dark god

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There'll be blood on his hands
   There is hate in his eyes
   An innocent boy
   Like the prophecy told
   The enforcer of the gods
   Why did the gods want
   The dark god to die
   It was Lokis fault
   That Baldur was dead
   But they were blinded by their rage
   He walked through the shadows he lived in the dark
   Awaiting his destiny woven by Norns
   God of the dark-where are you now
   God of the dark-be afraid
   Wali is our vengeance and your death
   He can see in the darkness feel his breath
   The gods sent the messanger
   To the black world of hel
   To force the queen of death
   To set Baldur free
   On one condition she would agree
   The whole world should cry
   To set Baldur is free
   But the giant won't do it
   So the light god must stay
   So wild hate filled the gods

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