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Wizard - Bloodsteel

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Fire - iron - blood - steel
   By the breath of a dragon the gods melted the steel
   That had fallen from heaven as a fireball to the ground
   With the mighty hammer of thor they forged a weapon
   With the blood of a dead giant they blessed and tempered it
   A mighty creature has granted it
   To the thunder warriors
   To fight against the darkness
   For the eternal light
   Hail - hail - hail hail the masters of the holy sword
   Bloodsteel - the sword of the gods
   They must find the diamonds of freedom in the dark world niflheim
   Fighting giants to get these shining crystals
   With these holy diamonds in their bag they rode to the battlefield
   The crystal shining burned the demon shields
   Evil creatures fled in fear of the shining light
   But with the power of bloodsteel the thunder warriors struck
   Maiming and crushing they wanted to kill them all
   The bloodsteel sang its tunes of death
   But they were few in numbers so in honour they died fighting

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