Teksty piosenek / W / Wizard

  A nice day to die

  Battlefield of death

  Battle of metal

  Beginning of the end

  Believe in metal



  Bound by metal

  Brave warriors

  Calm of the storm

  Collective mind

  Dark god

  Dark wings

  Dawn of evil

  Dead hope

  Death or glory

  Defenders of metal

  Demon witches

  Dragon lords

  End of all

  Enemy die

  Fuck your ass

  Gladiators of steel

  Golden dawn

  Hammer, bow, axe and sword

  Head of the deceiver

  Heavy metal will never die

  In the sign of the Wizard

  Iron war

  Loki's punishment

  Lonely wolfes

  Lost souls


  Magic potion

  Masters of the sea of gods

  Mighty Wizard

  Named by the devil

  Our hate will burn you



  Reign of death


  Sign of the Wizard

  Son of darkness

  Spill the blood of our enemies

  The first one

  The hall of Odin

  The liberation

  The march of the einheriers

  The powergod

  The prophecy

  Thor's hammer



  True metal

  Ultimate war


  You prayed to god for mercy

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