Teksty piosenek / W / Wilco

  Ashes of American flags

  A shot in the arm

  Blue eyed soul

  Box full of letters

  California stars


  Can't stand it

  Casino queen

  Dash 7

  Dreamer in my dreams

  Every little thing

  Far, far away

  Forget the flowers

  Heavy metal drummer

  Hotel Arizona

  How to fight lonlyness

  I am trying to break your heart

  I got you

  I'm always in love

  I must be high

  In a furure age

  In your dreams

  I thought i held you

  It's just that simple

  Jesus etc





  My darling



  Passenger side

  Pick up the change

  Pieholden suite

  Poor places

  Radio cure

  Red - eyed and blue


  Say you miss me

  She's a jar

  Shouldn't be ashamed

  Should've been in love

  Someday soon

  Someone else's song

  Summer teeth

  Sunken treasure

  That's not the issue

  The only 1

  Too far apart

  Via Chicago

  War on war

  We're just friends

  What's the wolrd got in store

  When you wake up feeling old

  Why would you wanna live

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