Teksty piosenek / W / Why Store

  All my life

  Blanket inside

  Broken glass


  Do do do

  Don't tell me nothing


  Fade away


  Fool's bargain

  For your soul

  Good to me

  Heaven in you

  Here i go

  I have fallen

  Is she cold

  It's all right

  Lack of water

  Lend you the money

  Let you in


  Manic man


  Never wanted

  No matter

  Oh Lord

  One size fits all

  She likes to move it

  She's broken

  Sleepy little train to memphis

  So sad to leave it

  Still inside of you

  Story song

  Surround me

  Two beasts

  Washed away


  What do you know

  When i'm with you

  When you're high

  Who is your love


  Your world

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