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Whitney Houston - Why does it hurt so bad

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   Why does it hurt so bad?
  Why do I feel so sad?
  Thought I was over you
  But I keep crying
  When I don't love you
  So why does it hurt so bad
  I thought I had let you go
  So, why does it hurt me so
  I gotta get you outta my head
  It hurts so bad
  My life's been betters ince the day I left you boy
  I must admit life's been kind to me
  I went and did the things I said I would do boy
  I found someone who loves me for me
  Haven't had much drama since the day that we split boy
  My heart's never been more at ease
  And when I think of all the things you put me thru
  Leaving you has been the best thing for me
  Never again that's what I said to myself
  I never wanna feel your kinda pain again boy
  Just when I think it's over
  Just when I think it's thru
  I find myself right back in love with you

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