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Whitney Houston - When we make love

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   I've been waiting such a long time
  For a love that's real to come my way
  Gonna take some getting used to
  Now that love is here to stay
  After we make love
  It's so good to be left in the afterglow
  All I'm dreaming of
  I just can't let the feeling go
  After we make love
  I feel I've been touched by
  All that heaven and earth will allow
  All that matters is right here and now
  Now the world is full of wonder
  You've turned my life around in just one day
  I love the spell you've put me under
  Just one kiss can take my breath away
  All the lonely days and nights
  Were well worth going through
  I'm so glad I didn't give my heart away
  So I could give it all to you

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