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Whitney Houston - Something in common

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   This was dedicated to those
  who don't believe in real love
  especially our love
  I know I may have made mistakes before
  But now I understand what those mistakes were for
  Throughout my travels girl I realized
  What you see, what you get don't always coincide.
  A bird in the hand beats two in a bush
  But just one look was all it took
  Could it be that we're the only ones thinking of
  Harmony, ecstacy, there's something about this love
  We, we have something in common
  Girl you mean so much to me
  it should be plain to see that we...
  We have something in common
  It's the way we feel about each other when we're together
  Now I'm the type of girl who understands my man
  I'll be strong when he's weak, I will hold his hand
  Now I believe old fashioned rules and old fashioned ways
  Courtesy, honesty, like in the old days.
  You're my man and I'm your girl
  There's nothing better in this whole wide world
  I'll stand by your side till the very end
  All in all, best of love, we are friends
  Girl you know it's you that I adore
  And there's no one in this world that I love more
  Chorus - Ad lib

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