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Whitney Houston - One Of Those Days

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Ohh, this is just for me
  Kick off my shoes and relax my feet
  Hit the kitchen grab a bite to eat
  It's been one of those crazy weeks
  And I gotta do something special for me
  See, hit the salon get a mani and a pedi
  Have a massage, get a sip and then I'm ready
  Gotta take time out
  And my real ladies know what I'm talking about
  Sing, ooh, baby baby
  You don't know what I've been going through
  Sing it again now, ooh, baby baby
  It's obvious to see exactly what I need
  One of those days
  When the sun is shining bright
  And my life is going right
  And the simple things are not wasted
  One of those days
  When you're cruising in your car
  And you're out to see the stars
  And it's warm outside and beautiful
  Tonight, it's all about me
  Just wanna set my body free
  Never mind the TV
  Tonight I'll just let a little TV watch me
  Light the candles, aroma therapy
  Hot tub bubbles surrounding me
  Mr. Big is in the background
  The Isley Brothers gonna hold it down... sing
  Repeat chorus

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