Teksty piosenek / W / Wesley Willis

  2 x 4

  Aftab Noorani

  Agent Orange

  Alanis Morissette

  Al Capone

  Alice in Chains

  Arnold Schwarzenegger

  Beat My Ass

  Ben Wigman

  Bill Clinton

  Birdman Kicked My Ass

  Bolt Thrower

  Bushwick Bill

  Chronic Schizophrenia

  Courtney Love

  Cut the Mullet

  Dale Meiners Yelled at Me

  Dave Grohl

  Don't Curse in God's House

  Don't Drive Drunk

  Dumpster My Ass

  Easy E

  Eat That Mule Shit

  Electra 225

  Electric Eel

  Elvis Presley

  Feel the Power of Rock and Roll

  Firewall the Throttle

  Ford windstar

  Fuck with Me And Find Out

  Fuck You

  Get on the Bus

  Get on the City Bus

  Good News Is Rock 'n' Roll

  Good news is rock n roll

  He Goes to Prison

  He Killed a Policeman

  Hell Greyhound Bus Ride

  He's Doing Time in Jail

  I Deserve a War Hell Ride

  I Done a Poor Job

  I Killed Your Daddy After Midnight

  I Killed Your Daddy Yesterday

  Illinois State Police

  I'm Running My Inkpen

  I'm Shooting Out Your Lights

  I'm Slimming Down

  I'm Sorry That I Got Fat (I Will Slim Down)

  I'm the Daddy of Rock and Roll

  I Murdered Your Family

  I Smoke Weed

  It's Against the Law

  I Whipped Superman's Ass

  I Wupped Batman's Ass


  John Dillard

  Kill That Jerk

  Kill Whitey

  Kiss My Black Ass

  Kris Kringle Was a Car Thief

  Kurt Cobain

  Larry Nevers

  Larry Nevers / Walter Budzyn

  Liz Phair

  Make Sure I'm Out Screwing Up

  Merry Christmas

  Michael Jackson

  My Daddy Got Me High

  My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks


  Northwest Airlines

  Oil Express

  Oprah Winfrey


  Plug Me Full of Holes

  Rock and Roll McDonalds

  Rock Saddam Hussein's Ass

  Run, Westy, Run

  Shoot Me in the Ass

  Spank Wagon

  Stop the Violence

  Suck a Cheetah's Dick

  Suck My Dog's Dick

  The Chicken Cow

  The Foo Fighters

  The Frogs

  The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up

  The Wesley Willis Fiasco

  They Threw Me Out of Church

  Vampire Bat

  Walter Willis Shabazz

  Wesley Willis

  You Better Find My Pistol

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