Teksty piosenek / W / Waterboys

  A boy in black leather

  A girl called Johnny

  A golden age

  Ahead down the highway

  A life of sundays

  All my way Ireland

  All the boys love carrie

  All the things she gave me

  Always dancin never getting tired

  A man is in love

  Anatomy of a love affair

  And a bang on the ear

  And the healing has begun

  Another kind of circus

  A pagan place

  A rock in a weary land

  A song for the life

  At the end of the world

  Barely out of teenage

  Behold the sea

  Be my enemy

  Bigger picture

  Big lover

  Billy Sparks

  Bleecker street

  Blues is my business

  Born to be together

  Bring em all in

  Buckets of rain

  Building the city of light

  Burlington bertie & accrington stanley

  Bury my heart

  Calling back my spirit

  Careful with that melletron, eugene

  Church not made with hands

  City full of ghosts

  Come live with me

  Coming in to harbour

  Corn circles



  Don't bang the drum

  Down through the dark street

  Dumbling down the world

  Edinborough castle

  Fisherman's blues

  In search for a rose


  Killing my heart

  King electric

  King of London

  Kiss the wind

  Late train to heaven

  Learning to love him

  Love & death

  Lucky day bad advice



  Martin decent

  Medicine bow

  Meet Mme at the station

  Mister fox

  Oh shenandoah

  Old England

  One of many rescuers

  Only heroes live forever


  Red army blues

  Somebody might wave back


  The big music

  The charlatan's lament

  The dark man

  The glastonbury song

  The pan within

  The stolen child

  The three day man

  The thrill is gone

  The whole of the moon

  This is the sea


  We are jonah

  When Wwill we be married

  Where are you now when i need you

  Why look at the moon

  Will the circle be unbroken

  Winter winter

  Wonders of lewis

  World party

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