Teksty piosenek / W / Watashi-Wa

  Air I Breathe

  All Of Me

  Always Is A Place


  At Its Finest

  Change Of Seasons


  Cure For The Disease




  Her Dress

  Here's To Tomorrow

  Hold Your Patience

  How She Sees

  Im Not You

  Life Is Beautiful


  Lost a Few Battles But Won the War

  Lost My Mind

  Mad Mardigan

  Miss Mudhole

  Mule Days

  Myrtle's Cringe

  Pretty Poison

  Sharp As Marbles

  Ship Up or Shape Out

  Smoke Signals

  The Courtyard

  The Fleeting

  The King

  The Simple Road Less Traveled

  This Past Summer

  Tomorrow Brings Confusion


  With Love From Me To You

  Wrong Kind

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