Teksty piosenek / W / Warrior Soul



  Charlie's out of prison

  Children of the winter


  Drugs, god and the new republic

  Fightin the war

  Generation graveyard

  Ghetto nation


  I love you

  In conclusion



  I see the ruins

  I wanna get some

  Jump for joy

  Let's get wasted

  Look at you

  Love destruction


  Man must live as one

  My time

  No no no

  Punk and belligerent

  Real thing

  Rocket 88

  Rocket engines

  Rotton soul

  Shine like it

  Star ride

  Superpower dreamland


  The answer

  The drug

  The fallen

  The golden shore

  The image

  The losers

  The party

  The pretty faces

  The wasteland

  Trippin on ecstasy

  Trip rider

  We cry out

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