Teksty piosenek / W / Warrant

  All 4 U

  Bed of roses

  Big talk

  Blind faith


  Cherry pie

  Coffee house

  Condemned forever

  Cowards or martyrs

  Crawl space

  Die young

  Down boys

  Falling down

  Family picnic

  Feels good

  Flame of the show




  Indian giver

  In the end

  I saw red

  Letter to a friend

  Live inside you

  Love in stereo

  Machine gun

  Mr. Rainmaker

  Nuns have no fun

  Ordeal of death

  Ready to command


  Room with a view


  Scavenger's daughter

  Send ya to hell


  Sometimes she cries

  Song and dance man

  Stronger now

  Sum of one

  The bitter pill

  The enforcer

  The rack

  Torture in the tower


  Uncle Tom's cabin



  When the sirens call

  You're the only hell

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