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  Big fan

  Black waters

  Bumble bee boy

  Can't see me now

  Cherry man

  Children of the revolution

  Combat honey

  Damn it i said

  December days

  Do it all the time

  Don't like you

  Dreamy wednesdays

  Dying for more

  Everything's true

  Friend or foe


  God knows

  Have another one



  How beautiful is the moon

  How does it feel

  Idiot boy

  I love myself

  I love you love me

  Innocent me


  Kill you

  Lee remick

  Love in june

  Love is dead

  Low enough

  Lucky you

  Might be stars

  My home town

  Never killed anyone

  New world record

  No holiday

  Oh yes


  Silent people


  So happy now

  So many lies

  Someone somewhere

  Something to tell

  Soon you're dead

  String song

  Suddenly i miss her

  Sweet nymphet

  That's all

  The beast cures the lover

  Things that i would love to have undone

  Things that you love


  What you want



  You and me song

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