Teksty piosenek / W / Wanda Jackson

  As the day wears on

  Baby loves him

  Because it's you

  Between the window and the phone

  Big daddy

  Blues in my heart

  Blues stay away from me

  Both sides of the line

  Box it came in

  Break my mind

  Brown eyed handsome man

  By the time you get to phoenix

  Cold cold heart

  Cowboy yodel

  Day dreamin

  Did you miss me

  Dirt behind my years

  Doch dann kam Johnny

  Don't ask me why

  Don't let me cross over

  Don't touch me

  Don't worry bout me

  Empty arms

  Everything is beautiful

  Everything's leaving

  Famous last words

  Fancy satin pillows


  Fireball mail

  Fujiyama mama

  Funny how time slips away

  Girl don't have to drink to have fun

  Great speckled bird

  Half that's mine

  Happy happy birthday baby

  Have i grown used to missing you

  Have you ever been lonely

  Heartbreak ahead

  Hello darlin

  Here we are again

  He's got the whole world in his hands

  Hold me tight

  Honey don't

  How important can it be


  Hurtin's all over

  I betcha my heart i love you

  I can't make my dreams understand

  I'd be ashamed

  I'd do it all over again

  I'd fight the world

  I'd like to help you out

  I don't wanta go

  If i cried every time you hurt me

  If i had a hammer

  I gotta know

  I may never get to heaven

  I'm gonna walk out of your life

  I'm so lonesome i could cry

  I'm the queen of my lonely little world

  I'm waiting just for you

  I need you now

  In the middle of a heartache

  Is it wrong

  Is this my destiny

  I talk a pretty story

  It'll take awhile

  It's such a pretty world today

  I've gotta sing

  I wanna waltz

  I wish i was your friend

  I Wwonder if she knows

  Jealous heart

  Just between you and me

  Just call me lonesome

  Just for you

  Keeper of the key

  Kickin our hearts around

  Last letter

  Latest monkey

  Less of me

  Let me go lover

  Let me talk to you

  Let my love walk in

  Let's have a party

  Let's say goodbye like we said hello

  Let trouble be you

  Little bitty tear

  Little boy soldier

  Little charm bracelet

  Little things mean a lot

  Lonely street

  Long as i have you

  Look out heart

  Love of the common people

  Love's gonna live here

  Making believe

  May you never be alone

  Mean mean man

  Memory maker

  Memphis Tennessee


  Midnight turning day blues

  Money honey

  My baby left me

  My baby's gone

  My baby walked right out on me

  My big iron skillet

  My days are darker than your nights

  My first day without you

  My heart gets all the breaks

  Night life

  No place to go but home

  Oh lonesome me

  One minute past eternity

  One teardrop at a time

  Pain of it all

  Please don't sell my daddy no more wine

  Please help me i'm falling

  Please love me forever

  Pledging my love

  Poor ole me

  Reckless love affair

  Right or wrong

  Riot in cell block 9

  Rip it up

  Rock your baby

  Santo Domingo

  Savin my love


  Send me no roses

  Seven lonely days

  Since i met you baby

  Singing the blues


  Slippin and slidin

  Soldier's last letter

  So soon

  Sparkling brown eyes

  Stop the world

  Stupid cupid

  Swinging doors

  Take me home

  Tears will be the chaser for your wine

  There's a new moon over my shoulder

  There stands the glass

  Things i might have been

  This gun don't care

  This time's the next time

  Those were the days

  Tip of my fingers

  Today i started loving you again

  Together again

  Try a little kindness

  Try me one more time

  Tuck away my lonesome blues

  Two separate barstools

  Violet and a rose

  Wabash cannonball

  Walk on out of my mind

  Walk right in

  Walk through this world with me

  Weary blues from waitin

  We could

  We'll sing in the sunshine

  What am i living for

  What have we done

  Who do you go to

  Whole lotta shakin goin on

  Why i'm walkin

  Window up above

  Wishing well

  Woman lives for love

  Wonder could i live there anymore

  Worried mind

  Yakety yak

  You can't make a heel toe the mark

  You created me

  You don't know baby

  You'll always have my love

  You're the one for me

  You're the only only world i know

  You're the reason i'm living

  Your good girl's gonna go bad

  Yours love

  Your tender love

  You've turned to a stranger

  You win again

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