Teksty piosenek / W / Waltari


  A sign



  Big bang

  Celtic funk

  Color Tv

  Completely alone



  Dance electric

  Dedicated to the flyers

  Deeper into the mud

  Far away


  Follow me inside

  Fools gold

  Fuckadelican garden

  Good god



  How long can u go

  How long can you go

  I held you so long

  I'm allowed


  I was born in the wrong decade




  Lights on

  Lust of life

  Mad boy

  Main stream

  Misty man



  Nature is wild

  One in the line

  On my ice

  Piggy in the middle


  Purify yourself

  Rap your body beat

  Real one

  Rhytm is a cancer


  Sad song

  Same old story

  Sensitive touch


  Slow thinking street

  So fine

  The beginning song

  The lie of the zombie

  The music nation

  The stage

  The top



  To give

  Universal song

  You know better

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