Teksty piosenek / W / Walkabouts

  Ahead of the storm

  All for this

  Almost wisdom

  Big black car

  Blown away

  Blue head flame

  Bones of contention


  Break it down gently

  Breakneck speed

  Buffalo ballet

  Cello song

  Christmas valley

  Cold eye

  Comfort of a stranger

  Dead man rise

  Dear darling

  Death at low waters

  Down where the drunkards roll

  Drag this river

  Drille terriers

  End in tow

  Fairground blues

  Feast or famine

  Feeling no pain

  Feel like going home

  Findlay's motel


  Follow me an angel

  Forever gone

  Forgiveness song

  Free money

  Glad nation's death song

  Glass palace


  Good luck morning

  Grand theft auto


  Harbour lights


  Hell's soup kitchen

  Hole in the mountain

  Home as found


  Inauguration day

  Jack Candy

  John Reilly

  Jumping off

  Last ditch


  Let's burn down the cornfield

  Life full of holes

  Lift your burdens up

  Like a hurricane

  Long black veil

  Long time here

  Loom of the land

  Lover's crime

  Maggie's farm

  Medicine hat

  Mr. Clancy

  Murdering stone

  Never gonna fall



  Nights between stations

  Nothing is a stranger

  Old crow

  On the beach

  Pass me on over


  Poor side of town

  Prayer for you


  Rebecca Wild

  River blood

  Run around


  Satisfied mind

  Shelter for an evening

  Shine a light

  Sleep will pass us by

  Slow red dawn


  Snake mountain blues

  Specimen days

  Stir the ashes

  Storm crazy


  Sweet revenge

  The Anvil song

  The leaving kind

  The light will stay on

  The night watch

  The river people

  The silent crossing

  The stopping-off place

  The storms are on the ocean

  The tower

  The wellspring

  This rotten tree

  Train to mercy



  Up in the graveyard

  Velvet fog

  When fortune smiles

  Whereabouts unknown

  Where the deepwater goes

  Whiskey XXX

  Who knows what

  Wichita lineman

  Will you miss me when i'm gone


  Wreck of the old 9

  Yesterday is here

  Your hope shines

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