Teksty piosenek / V / Vonda Shepard

  100 Tears away

  Alone again

  A lucky life

  A new Marilyn

  Ask the lonely

  A world without love

  Baby, don't you break my heart slow

  By 7:30

  Can we still be friends


  Chances are



  Clear rain


  Cross to bear


  Don't cry Ilene

  Don't think twice, it's allright



  Drown in my own tears

  End of the world

  Every breath you take

  Every now & then

  For once in my life

  Good to yourself

  Grain of sand

  He ain't with me

  Hold out

  Home again

  Hooked on a feeling

  Hotel room view

  How can you mend a broken heart

  I know him by heart

  I only want to be with you

  I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus

  I shy away

  I started a joke

  It's in his kiss

  I've Been here before

  Jam Karet

  Just ask the lonely

  Let it snow

  Like a hemisphere

  Longterm boyfriend

  Longterm boyfriend

  Longterm boyfriend

  Looking for something

  Love is alive

  Love will come and go



  Mischief and control



  Newspaper wife

  Rainy days

  Read your mind

  Reason to believe

  Sail on by

  Searching My Soul

  Searching my soul

  Searchin my soul

  Serious Richard

  Silver bells

  Someday we'll be together

  Someone to use to

  Soothe me

  Sweet inspiration

  Tell him

  The End of the World

  This is crazy now

  This old heart of mine

  This steady train

  To sir, with love

  Venus is breaking


  Walk away renee

  What becomes of the brokenhearted

  When i lost your love

  Will you Marry me

  World without love

  You and me

  You Belong to Me

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