Teksty piosenek / V / Veruca Salt


  All Hail Me

  All Mine

  A Piece Of You




  Best You Can Get


  Born Entertainer

  Break-Up Song

  Celebrate You

  Cock Of Nothing


  Don't Make Me Prove It



  Get Back

  Good Disaster

  Halloween Day

  Hey Little Ghost


  I'm Taking Europe With Me

  I Think We're Alone Now

  Lonliness Is Worse

  Morning Sad

  My Sharona

  Never Met Her

  New York Mining Disaster 1996

  Number One Blind

  Officially Dead

  One Last Time

  One More Page Of Insincerity Please

  Only You Know

  Pale Green

  Popeye And Olive


  She's A Brain

  Shimmer Like A Girl


  Side Of The Road

  Sleeper Car

  Sleeping Where I Want

  Sound Of The Bell

  Spiderman '79

  Stacey Please




  Swedish Fish

  The Same Person

  The Speed Of Candy


  Venus Man Trap


  Volcano Girls

  Wet Suit

  With David Bowie


  Yeah Man

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