Teksty piosenek / V / Vaya Con Dios

  At the parallel

  Bold and untrue

  Brave Jane

  Call on me

  Don't break my heart

  Don't cry for Louie

  Don't hate you anymore

  Evening of love

  Farewell song

  Far gone now

  Forever blue

  For you

  Get to you

  Heading for a fall

  Hot august night

  I don't want to know


  Just a friend of mine

  Lay your hands


  Lonely feeling

  Lord help me please

  Lulu's song

  Mind on vacation

  Mothers and daughters

  Movin on

  Muddy waters

  Nah neh nah

  Night owls

  One silver dollar

  Pack your memories



  Puerto Rico

  Quand elle rit aux eclats



  Sold my soul

  So long ago

  Something's got a hold on me

  Stay with me

  Still a man

  Sunny days

  The moonshiner

  Time flies

  Travelling light

  What if

  What's a woman

  With you

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