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Vanishing Point - Closer apart

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Closer, moving in on a certain opinion
   You realise that it's hard to compromise
   your own ideals
   Inside a circle hides a line,
   within a day a moment is lost in time
   Whenever you're near me,
   I'm so far away
   Can you speak to me?
   Tomorrow I may learn to see
   The truth inside is hard to find
   You turn me away
   Find a way through your mind
   To leave your memories far behind
   Just let go
   Don't be my shadow
   Seconds too late,
   is there time allowed for my escape?
   Am i left here drowning
   in the words that you speak?
   Behind a curious stare,
   lies the reason why you don't care
   If ever you need me, I'll be so far away
   Can you listen to me?
   Tomorrow you may learn to see
   The truth inside you'll never find
   You pushed me away
   Am I afraid of my emotions?
   Counting days I had to find myself
   I listened to the words you had to say
   Giving into you,
   isn't worth the price I'll have to pay

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