Teksty piosenek / V / Vader

  An act of darkness


  Angry inch

  A world of hurt

  Black sabbath

  Black to the blind

  Blood of kingu

  Breath of centuries



  Cold demons

  Creatures of light and darkness

  Dark age

  Death metal

  Decapitated saints

  Demon's wind

  Dethroned emperor

  Distant dream


  Fear of napalm

  Flag of hate

  Foetus god

  Fractal light

  Heading for internal darkness

  Hell awaits

  I feel you



  Merciless death

  Outbreak of evil

  Reborn in flames

  Reign carrion


  Silent empire

  Silent scream


  Storm of stress


  The beast raping

  The crucified ones

  The final massacre

  The innermost ambience

  The nomad

  The red passage

  The wrath

  True names

  Vision and the voice

  We are the league

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