Teksty piosenek / U / Utopia

  Abandon city

  All smiles


  Always late

  Another life

  Back on the street

  Bad little actress

  Bring me my longbow


  Call it what you will


  Chapter and verse

  Communion with the sun

  Crazy lady blue

  Cry baby

  Crystal ball

  Do ya

  Eternal love

  Everybody else is wrong

  Fahrenheit 451

  Feel too good

  Feet don't fail me now

  Forgotten but not gone

  For the love of money


  God and me

  Hammer in my heart


  Hoi polloi

  If i didn't try

  I just want to touch you

  I'm looking at you but i'm talking to myself

  Infrared and ultraviolet

  Itch in my brain

  I will wait


  Junk rock

  Last dollar on earth

  Last of the new wave riders


  Life goes on

  Love alone

  Love in action

  Love is the answer

  Love with a thinker


  Mad men in metal machines

  Magic dragon theatre

  Man of action

  Marriage of heaven and hell


  Maybe i could change

  More light

  My angel


  Neck on up

  One world

  Only human

  Play this game

  Princess of the universe

  Private heaven

  Rape of the young

  Rock love

  Say yeah

  Second nature

  Secret society

  Set me free


  Shot in the dark

  Silly boy

  Singring and the glass guitar

  Something's coming

  Special interest

  Stand for something


  Sunburst finish

  Swing to the right

  Take it home

  That's not right

  The martyr

  There goes my inspiration

  The road to utopia

  The seven rays

  The up

  The very last time

  The wheel

  Too much water


  Umbrella man


  Welcome to my revolution

  Where does the world go to hide



  Winston Smith takes it on the jaw

  You make me crazy

  Zen machine

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