Teksty piosenek / U / Uriah Heep


  Against All Odds

  All My Life


  A Year Or A Day

  Bad Bad Man

  Bad Blood

  Beautiful Dream

  Been Away Too Long

  Bird Of Prey

  Blind Eve

  Blind Eye

  Blood Red Roses

  Can't Keep A Good Band Down

  Can't Stop Singing

  Carry On

  Circle Of Hands


  Come Away Melinda

  Come Back To Me


  Cry Freedom

  Devil's Daughter

  Do you Know




  Easy Livin

  Echoes In The Dark

  Fallen Angel

  Falling In Love



  Flyin high


  Footprints In The Snow

  Free me


  Heartache City

  High Priestess

  Holdin' On

  Hold Your Head Up

  If I Had The Time

  I'll Keep On Trying



  I'm Alive

  It Ain't Easy

  I Wanna Be Free

  I Won't Mind

  I Won't Mind

  July Morning

  Lady In Black


  Look At Yourself

  Lost One Love

  Love Machine

  Love Or Nothing

  Lucy's Blues (Bird Of Prey)

  Make A Little Love


  Misty Eyes

  More Fool You/More Fool Me

  Night Of The Wolf

  No Return

  One Day

  One More Night

  One Way Or Another

  Out On The Street


  Party Time


  Poet's Justice

  Poor Little Rich Girl

  Prima Donna

  Put Your Lovin' On Me


  Rainbow Demon

  Real Turned On

  Return To Fantasy

  Rich Kid



  Rollin' On

  Rough Justice


  Salisbury 2

  Save It

  Seven Stars

  Shadows of Grief

  Shady Lady


  Simon The Bullet Freak

  Skools Burning

  Something Or Nothing

  Something Or Nothing

  So Tired

  So Tired

  Spider Woman


  Suicidal Man

  Suicidal Man



  Sweet Freedom

  Sweet Lorainne

  Sweet lorraine

  Sweet Sugar



  Tears In My Eyes

  The dance

  The Easy Road

  The Easy Road

  The Hanging Tree

  The Magician's Birthday

  The Park

  The poet's justice

  The Shadows And The Wind

  The Shadows And The Wind

  The Spell

  The Wizard

  Time Of Revelation

  Time To Live

  Traveller In Time

  Voice On My TV

  Wake up

  Wake Up/Set Your Sight

  Walking In Your Shadow

  Weep In Silence

  We Got We

  We Got We

  Whad' Ya Say

  What Should Be Done

  When The War Is Over

  Who Needs Me


  Why Did You Go


  Woman Of The Night

  Woman Of The World



  Won't Have To Wait Too Long

  Your Turn To Remember

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